Baby wearing is nothing new, but it is slowly becoming more popular in Perth as more and more parents (and grandparents and relatives!) see the benefits to wearing their babies. When we first had baby E we wore her EVERYWHERE. It was literally months before our pram even made it out of the house and even now it’s mainly used for jogging (which is great because now I don’t feel guilty for buying a running pram that didn’t initially get used hahaha).

Baby wearing is brilliant for babies that just want to be close to their mama – especially in the golden fourth trimester as bub slowly adjusts to life on the outside! It saved me from going crazy when I wanted to cook dinner but had a baby who would only want to be latched on or held by me, or if I wanted to get anything else done. It helps to strengthen the beautiful bond between baby and care givers, and really they are only so small for such a short time it’s nice to really cherish those snuggly moments!

If you live in Perth I highly recommend joining the Facebook group Babywearers WA Chatter Group – what a lovely and knowledgeable group! Meets are held regularly all over Perth so you can try and borrow different carriers before you commit to buying one. There are quite a few different types of carriers which can be overwhelming and they all fit differently too! It really pays to try before you buy – I learnt this the hard way. If you already have a carrier and are struggling with the fit the meet leaders will help with getting it to fit as best possible. If you live outside of Perth I’m sure there are similar groups, you will just need to have a search or Google.

Wear your baby safely

Remember if you choose to wear your baby or toddler in a carrier of any type, be sure to do so safely – incorrect use and unsafe carriers can cause injury and even suffocation so please be sure to meet the T.I.C.K.S. guidelines:

T – tight
I – in view at all times                                                                                                                                                                C – close enough to kiss
K – keep chin off chest
S – supported back

Happy and safe wearing xx