Erin and Ryan attended my May group Hypnobirthing Australia classes, and welcomed baby India earthside after a 12 hour induced labour. Here is what Erin had to say about her birth:

On 29 July 2019 we welcomed our baby girl India Rose into the world. I had the most incredible birth experience and Ryan and I believe we owe this to our hypnobirthing course we did with you.

I had an induced 12 hour labour at 40 weeks and 1 day. We practiced hypno birthing techniques for the first 6 hours and I then asked for an epidural to get me through the next 6 hours. I had a 12 hour labour and India Rose was born vaginally at 8.23pm no vacuum or forceps. I watched the birth of my daughter with a mirror and it was truly amazing! 


We were in a private hospital setting and under the care of an obstetrician plus a couple of midwives and did everything we could to make the birthing space a calm and positive environment. We had playlists, oils, heat packs, fit ball, no lights (except during examinations). All of the staff who were present throughout the day commented on how lovely the room smelt and enjoyed our choice of music as well! 


So I just wanted to say that thanks to hypnobirthing I felt prepared, calm and confident going into my labour and birth. I felt you  gave me all the information I needed to make informed choices about my birth and helped us prepare for any situation that we may have faced on the day. Thanks so much!

Congratulations Erin and Ryan and welcome baby India!