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I want to be your doula because I believe in your instincts to birth your baby.

Navigating our maternal health care system can sometimes be confusing. I’m here to take out the confusion. To help you make informed choices. To make your voice heard. To support you with complementary therapies. 

In addition to birth doula services, I offer a 3 hour antenatal session for those who do not want a doula present at their birth, but who would like support preparing for their birth.

I am also working with newborn mothers and mothers who have travelled the path of parenthood before in the postpartum period. The postpartum period is such a delicate and opportunistic time for nourishment, replenishment and rest – see below for more info.

For more information please contact me.

3 hour antenatal session
  • preparation of a comprehensive birth plan so that you feel confident your choices will be listened to and respected in the birth space
  • tips and tools you and your birth support person can use in labour to help with pain relief and baby’s positioning for an easier, instinct driven labour and birth
  • on going email support through your pregnancy
  • access to my private facebook support group for as long as you wish
  • set of birth affirmation cards
birth doula
  • Initial no obligation meeting (one hour)
  • Two prenatal visits (up to two hours each) including preparation of your birth plan
  • Use of labour TENS machine
  • Use of the CUB (Comfortable Upright Birth Support)
  • Discounted price for placenta preparation services
  • On call between 38 – 42 weeks
  • Comprehensive skillset and tools including acupressure and massage, rebozo and Spinning Babies techniques
  • Back-up doula in case of long labour over 15 hours or extraordinary circumstances eg. illness (if required)
  • Immediate postpartum support after birth 1-2 hours if needed
  • One postpartum visit within 2 weeks after birth (up to two hours)
  • Unlimited phone and email support through to postpartum visit
  • Access to my pregnancy, birth and parenting resource library
  • Access to my private Facebook support group for as long as you wish
  • Set of birth affirmation cards
  • Add postnatal services if required
honouring the mother - postnatal doula package

Becoming a mother – whether it be for the first time, or transitioning to a mother of multiple – is an incredible right of passage. The window immediately following birth is a time for deep nourishment and rest. It is a time when you need support, the right kind of support.

I want your postpartum window to be amazing, which is why my postpartum package includes:

  • how to nourish yourself with nutritious foods to help build your strength after 9+ months of growing and sustaining another life
  • support with breastfeeding
  • talk about oxytocin factors – how to make sure you have lots of this beautiful hormone in the postpartum
  • how to combat isolation and find your village
  • letting go of expectations and accepting the right kind of help
  • baby wearing, why you might want to consider it and how to get started
  • me cooking you delicious vegan meals specifically designed for the postpartum
  • brainstorming challenges that you may be experiencing and helping you discover how to overcome these
  • simple self care rituals that you can integrate into your new mama life
  • walks out in the sunshine
  • beautiful postpartum gift bag

Contact me here for more information or to book in your blissful postpartum. You deserve to be honoured, to be cared for and to be well supported during this vulnerable time.


Why I am the doula for YOU

You want your choices to be respected, because birth is a sacred experience and trusting those in your birth space is essential

You want to be listened to, and for your wants and needs to be recognised

You want the latest information and research so that you can always make an informed decision

You want to be supported and encouraged to birth the way you believe is possible

You believe birth is a positive and beautiful experience and want to experience your birth in this way

You want to have alternative therapy options available to you during pregnancy and labour

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APPA certified placenta arts specialist, for a safe and ethical service         

ready to learn how to make your birth and transition to motherhood a positive, instinctive experience?