My why. Why I made the choice to become a doula and childbirth educator.

Quite simply, because I believe birth can and should be a beautiful and magical experience for all involved. For mama. For the birthing partner. For baby (or babies). For the midwives. For the obstetrician and anaesthetist (if needed). For the doula. For the birth photographer. For the other support people. For everyone touched by this birth. For friends. For family. FOR EVERYONE.




I want the stories of birth trauma and negativity to end.

Instead, I want for people’s eyes to shine with excitement when they speak about their births. For people to recall the magic experienced when they journeyed to bring their baby earthside. For women to speak of the strength they found within themselves that they might not even have known existed. For the fear of birth that has made it’s way into our society to be eliminated. For people to speak about how damn well they were supported during their pregnancy, labour AND postpartum. How the transition to motherhood was oh-so-beautiful and saturated with love

Because birth is a right of passage. And that rite of passage should be recognised and celebrated. Because it does take a village to raise a child, and that village can exist today. Let me be a part of your village, I would be so honoured.

Odile x

find out how you can make your birth and postpartum a beautiful and magical experience