Welcome warrior woman

 My name is Odile Chaperon (Oh-deel). Birth and postpartum wingwoman, conscious mama, household director and plant-based cooker of all the things. Around here it’s normal to see baby-wearing, breastfeeding into toddlerhood, attachment parenting and bed sharing.











It’s been a long journey

It’s taken a long time to get where I am today. My eyes were opened to the power of alternative therapies after studying naturopathy, and I haven’t looked back. I get that modern medicine has it’s place, but I prefer to check out all my other options first. My mind is open.

When I had my daughter in 2016, I thought I was ready.
Hypnobirthing – check.
Midwifery led care – check.
Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth – check.
Belief in my body to birth naturally – check.
I was all set. But it wasn’t enough. 

Plot Twist

A surprise need for induction at 40 weeks left me a crying mess at the hospital. My midwife didn’t make it so I didn’t know the birth team. 3 hours of intense active labour. No one in the room had seen my birth preferences. I was left wanting.
Yes, I had my beautiful healthy baby. Yes I had avoided the c-section I was fearing. But where was the support to be free to move around and enjoy an active birth? The freedom to use the shower? The birth ball that I had asked about? They sound like simple things. And that’s just it. They are. Simple. Basic. They should be standard right? These simple things would have left me raving about the support and care I received.

When I birthed my baby that day, I birthed my self too

I knew I wanted to help others make the best decision for them. To give the confidence to speak up for themselves and their baby. To help us all return to our instinctual and intuitive selves. And so here I am. Supporting others as a birth and postpartum wing woman, Hypnobirthing Australia practitioner and APPA certified placenta arts specialist.

My mission is to provide you with up to date information and resources for pregnancy, labour, birth and parenting so that you know what your options are and can make an informed and supported choice. All women have a voice – I want YOU to have a say and for your voice to be heard. Not just relating to pregnancy and birth, but throughout life as well.


How can I support you as your doula?

  • I have a comprehensive toolkit and skill set so that I can provide you with alternative options for pain relief during labour, advocate for and support a natural birth, and better support your choices.
  • I stay up to date with the latest research on pregnancy and birth so that the information you need to make an informed decision is readily available to you if you need it.
  • I am non-judgemental and open minded. This means the support you receive from me is unconditional and you can feel relaxed knowing that I will back you up and encourage you with all of your choices.
  • I have a diverse resource library, so that you can access quality resources without having to spend additional money.
  • I provide access to a private Facebook group for clients only which enables you to receive ongoing support from myself and other likeminded mothers throughout your pregnancy and into the postpartum period, for as long as you would like.
  • As a qualified naturopath, I can offer you naturopathic support during your pregnancy and postpartum period, either as an alternative or in addition to conventional medical treatment for any concerns that may arise or just general well-being.
  • I am an APPA certified placenta arts specialist, so you have access to trustworthy and reliable encapsulation services if you choose to use them, at a discounted rate.

Education and training

May 2019 Optimal Maternal Positioning Workshop with Ginny Phang

Dec 2018 Hypnobirthing Australia Childbirth Educator Practitioner training

Sept 2018 Newborn Mothers Postpartum Professional Training

July 2018 Doula training, Doula Training Academy

June 2018 Spinning Babies Workshop with approved trainer Ginny Phang

March 2018 APPA Certified Placenta Arts Specialist

2014 Advanced Diploma of Western Herbal Medicine, AIHFE (formerly AIHM)

2014 Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy, AIHFE (formerly AIHM)

2009 Bachelor of Science, Charles Sturt University


APPA – Association of Placenta Preparation Arts

Placenta Services Australia

NHAA – National Herbalists Association of Australia

Doula Network Australia


ready to learn how to make your birth and transition to motherhood a positive, instinctive experience?