5 things a doula doesn’t do. A professional doula, who respects you and knows the limits of her scope of practice.

1. Make decisions for you

A good doula will not make decisions for you. She can provide you with information to help you make the decision, but it will always be yours to make. You will need to take responsibility for that decision and any outcomes. No matter what you choose, she will respect you and support you 100%.

2. Perform vaginal exams

No no no. This is out of scope of practice for a doula. If there is a doula performing these kinds of practices, I would avoid at all costs.

3. Fight with your health care provider

Your doula is there to support and encourage you through your birth. To create a calm, safe and positive environment. She is not there to cause trouble and irritate your health care providers – which will only create tension and stress

4. Make your birth about her

Your birth is all about YOU. She will leave behind anything that may affect her ability to support you and your decisions. Your experience, your wishes, your decisions are all that matters.


5. Speak on your behalf

Being a doula includes advocacy, but it is about teaching you to advocate for yourself. Your doula can not tell your health care provider what you would like. But she can remind you of the questions and conversations to have, based on what is important you.


So there you have it. 5 things a doula doesn’t do. In not doing these things, your doula is acting within her scope of practice, focusing on you and empowering you. She will offer unwavering support and encouragement and help you find your voice.  If you’d like to find out what I can do for you as your doula, you can find out more here or contact me.