For most of us, independent childbirth education is an investment not often at the top of a list. Unlike weddings, birth is not valued by society and there is a poor understanding among the general community of just how much your birth experience can impact on not just your postnatal period, but the rest of your life.


So what are some signs that taking an independent childbirth class – like Hypnobirthing Australia™ – is right for you?


1. Deep down you know that birth is an innate, instinctive act of physiology, but you need some help remembering.

2. You want to find out how to support this physiology, especially when you are birthing in a foreign environment like a hospital.

3. You want to be informed so you can back your own decisions. Find out what you don’t know about birth before you go into it.


4. You want to give your birth support person information and tools to be able to support you AND themselves. Because birth can be challenging for someone who feels like a helpless bystander.


5. You are holding on to some fears about birth. They might genuinely be yours, or they might be someone else’s. Or they might be thanks to society’s conditioning.


6. You’re ready to burn down the patriarchal systems that currently govern birth.


7. You know you’re a birthing goddess, and should be treated as such. You just need some reminding.


8. You have given birth before and want to do things a bit differently this time around.


9. You just want to hang out with birthy people and soak up all the good vibes.


10. You’re ready to own your birth like a boss no matter where the journey takes you.


If you found yourself nodding, making those ‘uh huh’ sounds or thinking hell yeah to some or all of the above, I invite you to join my Hypnobirthing Australia™ group classes, book in for a private class or explore some of the online options.

Don’t leave your birth in someone else’s hands.