tap into your instinctive power and ability to birth your baby


Are you wanting your birth experience to be powerful, instinctual and positive?

Do you want to make informed choices, no matter the birth setting?

Do you want alternatives to conventional medicine that you can use during pregnancy, labour and postpartum?

Then I am the doula for you.

My name is Odile Chaperon

Birth doula, postnatal doula, APPA certified placenta arts specialist, naturopath and Hypnobirthing Australia™ certified practitioner in Perth, WA.

 I am a lover of the alternative, and natural therapies are my first port of call when healing and support are needed. Baby wearing, gentle parenting, plant based eating, purchasing lots of books and excessive sun basking are some of the other things that occupy my time.

Know your options during pregnancy and labour

I believe an informed choice is the best choice, and sometimes we need support to make sure our choices (particularly the unpopular ones) are respected, especially in the birth space. As your doula, I am here to help you find your voice so that you can speak up for yourself and your baby. 

My birth philosophy

Birth can be such an incredible experience, and for some it is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I believe it something that should be prepared for with determination, instinct and love. Preparing your mind and body for birth while you are pregnant, becoming informed of all of your options should you need them and having a supportive birth team will ensure you meet your birth with confidence and positivity, 


Don’t leave your birth experience to chance.

how i can help you

birth and postnatal doula

pregnancy birth and postpartum support for a positive transition into motherhood

placenta services

APPA certified placenta arts specialist. Safe and ethical placenta encapsulation.

hypnobirthing australia

prepare your mind and body for a positive and instinctive driven birth with independent childbirth education

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