your right of passage.

are you ready to claim it?


Feeling fearful about birth or apprehensive of the unknown? I hear you

Or maybe you have birthed before, and your experience in the system left you wanting more (at best) or with a steely determination to have a better experience this time around. Me too.

Here’s the thing – birth can be wildly unpredictable. You need to right tools to let go of your fear, rediscover your confidence and tap into your intuitive self so you can make the right decisions for yourself and your baby.

And that’s where a birth wing woman comes in (that’s me). 


I’m Odile Chaperon.

Birth and postpartum wing woman and APPA certified placenta arts specialist.

Let’s work together to restore your belief in your body’s ability to birth, your confidence and your voice. You know, the one who whispers when you know something isn’t quite right. That little voice is your intuition. And she knows exactly what to do, you might just need a little help tuning in.

how i can help you

birth and postnatal doula

pregnancy birth and postpartum support for a positive transition into motherhood

placenta services

APPA certified placenta arts specialist. Safe and ethical placenta encapsulation.